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Maintaining Healthy Vocal Balance

Alexys Paris | February 16, 2016
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Maintaining Healthy Vocal Balance

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Technically speaking, Vocal Balance is an appropriate balance between blowing air through the vocal cords and vocal cord closure without straining (yelling in the mid or upper registers or disconnection (uncontrolled breathy voice) throughout the entirety of a singers range. Of course, the vocal cords are opening and closing as we speak and sing at extremely high speeds (those cords are amazing!) but the vocal cords also stretch like a rubber-band laterally towards the front and backsides of the body, sorta like when we yawn. That stretching is important as well and when performed properly, helps to achieve hitting the hit notes with ease, thereby keeping good vocal balance.

As everything in life, there is a necessity to maintain balance as any one of these three activities, restating again, blowing air or not enough, closing the vocal cords, or closing too hard or not enough, and stretching to far or not enough has huge implications. These three things determine whether a singer is on the road to good Vocal Balance and thereby maintaining good voice health. May I suggest the next time you sing, check out how you’re doing and what it feels like, keeping in mind these important activities. See if you can feel the sensations as they are happening.

Singing is a process of truly delicate balances and we must be aware at all times what condition the voice is in, because sometimes we are unaware what we are doing is actually causing harm to the voice (which can evolve from any number of things) until the bad habit shows up as discomfort.

The best antidote to fight against getting out of balance in the first place, is to practice prevention, vocal technique. Wow, how can I discuss, Vocal Technique in this short post? I don’t know if I can. However, maybe you might find this previous post helpful: Vocal Technique

In my efforts to heal my body to achieve vocal health as well as my physical health in general, I’ve become a proponent of essential oils, specially these essentials oils found here: Essential Oils & Supplements.

These oils and supplements are very effective reversing discomfort and promote physical and vocal healing. There are oils that can help the voice, but I will not share these oils online here, because proper application of the oils is critical and there are knock-offs of these essential oils on the market, and I wouldn’t want anyone to get a hold of a poor grade of oils which could do more harm than good. If you feel you can use vocal healing to get back to vocal balance, please contact me. I share the information you freely. In meantime, you have those vocalizes tailored particularly for you to prevent and maintain your voice. And you know how to contact me in the event you need to. To Your Health.

Hope This Helps!
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Written by Alexys Paris


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