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Our instructors teach in the methodology of The Speech-Level-Singing-SLS Vocal-Coach Voice Lessons.

Some vocal teachers instruct students (and I quote) to “Sing from the diaphragm!” However, I say: How can you? “The vocal cords are not in the diaphragm”… Yet, this instruction implants a subliminal message that instructs the student to blow more air. At least 90% of the time – very harmful! Although it is very true, that breathing is very important, nearly every student who enters their 1st voice lesson will state, they need to work on their breathing exercises; I just listen… More Below

Some years ago, I stopped singing. It’s true. I, like so many others chose mundane goals and objectives that did not resonate with who I really was. It took years of precious lost time before I realized in order for true happiness in my life, I needed to pursue a career in the performing arts, because that has always been a calling; that is one of My Heart’s Desires and part of My Sacred Contract. So, when I began to sing again…, Learn More!

Known in the industry for her versatility, Marlayna Washington, classically trained, with an impressive upper vocal range, has been bringing down the house with her high energy renditions of old school, vibrant funk, soul and rock. She has won high praise for her ability to deliver show stopping performances in Jazz, Neo Soul and Country. Her captivating voice transforms audiences back in time as she blends showpersonship and… Learn More!


The truth is, the largest problem experienced by the overwhelming majority of singers is: How to transition from chest voice, through the 1st bridge, (middle voice) into head voice without yelling and screaming or disconnecting into breathy falsetto, with dynamic tonal presence and with connected voice intact. That’s the biggest problem singers face, not whether the singer has been trained to acquire and utilize more breath seeking to achieve desired results. Remember, I agree, breath is very important… But, what’s more important is how to breathe in conjunction with how to transition throughout the vocal registers, properly! There is a way, but the overwhelming majority of vocal teachers have not been taught how to apply it for themselves or how to teach the most proven, successful vocal pedagogy from the historic 1600 – 1700 era.

For almost 2 decades, Alexys Paris extensively trained and certified in the Speech Level Singing (SLS), Seth Riggs Technique, The Technique of Legends, the same method or some derivative utilized by the most highly successful professional voice instructors of our time. His training includes an Advanced Certified Instructor from The Institute For Vocal Advancement (IVA – another iteration of SLS) which is the largest organization derived from SLS’ loss of membership. He has studied and taught the most highly successful vocal techniques & styles available for over 20 years.

Every singer has a right to receive quality education that teaches them the most important aspect of singing, how to transition through the vocal registers. The most successful voice instructors who teach professional singers the world over, utilize some iteration of the technique Sing Like The Starz Studios incorporates, and this includes vocal styling.

Alexys Paris’ Sing Like The Starz Studios offer Singing & Voice Lessons To Increase Vocal Range, Enhance Vocal Ease, Obtain Vocal Control, with Power, Agility, Dynamics,  and Yes, Beauty! Sing Like The Starz with an Artistically  Free Voice!

Dreams of the heart are visions from the heavens; they move from conceptual thought, into the world of feelings, and yearn for actual life experiences…

Sing Like The Starz Studios actualizes your Dreams from your heart, through application of quality education, based in Solid Vocal Technique!, forming a foundation within you…, thus facilitating Vocal Freedom, and allows your Artistry to Flow… So may the heavens sing through you, and you… 

Teaching students as Melodious as this: 4Melodious!

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    01. Feel my dreams
    Tom Cuffia

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    01. Natural Woman - Cover - Elaine Kwok & Advanced Grp Class Members

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    01. Come Wake Me Up - Cover - By Lisa Cole-Newton & Advanced Grp Class Members

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