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Vocal Technique

The Vocal Techniques & Styles of American Idol, X Factor, The Voice & over 130 Grammy Winning Artists!

Vocal Technique defines the process of vocally migrating from the lower register of the voice (Chest Voice) through the middle register of the voice (Mix Voice) into the upper register of the voice (Head Voice) and back again, moving as effortlessly, effectively,  and freely as possible. The most difficult issue the vast majority of singers encounter is “How to move from Chest Voice into Head Voice without yelling and screaming (extremely dangerous) or encountering air-pockets/breathy voice, known as Falsetto (yes, also dangerous…) and to do so dynamically, freely, and with connected-voice. That is the biggest problem all singers encounter. The Instructors of Sing Like The Starz Studios have been trained in the most successful technique(s) on the planet. All of these are based on the now defunct Speech Level Singing Technique (SLS) also known as The Seth Riggs Technique. One of the SLS derivatives is The Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA) Technique, which Alexys Paris received an Advanced Instructor’s Certificate from IVA. Importantly, all Sing Like The Starz Instructors are regularly engaged in continuing education with Vocal Master, Greg Enriquez  with over 31 years of SLS history to provide high quality service to our students.

Proven pedagogic exercises will be assigned to intimately establish the method with your vocal instrument. This teaches your neurological and mental processes (connection) between all of your vocal registers, unifying them into one connected whole. In vocalize language, you will learn to “mix” all of your vocal registers as one. Exercises are also assigned to keep the larynx down and relaxed, (i.e., in a speech level position). And we will work on creating strength, control, agility, and balance within the “mix” while applying sustains, vibrato and dynamics. During the learning process and after the voice has shown improvement, application of the technique to songs is taught as it relates to style and specific genre.

The Sing Like The Starz (SLSz) Technique is based on late 16th – 18th Century principles of singing known as Bel Canto, Beautiful Singing. Bel Canto was taught to Operatic Castrati (young boys & male opera singers who were castrated in the above era).  This highly effective technique was subsequently rediscovered by Seth Riggs in around the 1980’s. Riggs founded Speech Level Singing, Int’l and the Speech Level Singing Technique, and through himself and other “Master Instructors” taught the technique to aspiring teachers, including Alexys Paris. Sing Like The Starz Instructor’s goal is to teach students to sing with FREE VOICE, smoothly, from the bottom to the top of the range with no breaks, blips or flips with “Connected-Voice” Dynamically. This technique teaches the singer how to develop Increased Vocal Range, Enhanced Vocal Ease, Power, Agility, Even-ness, Dynamics, Vocal Control, and Yes, Beauty!

Alexys Paris extensively trained in the Speech Level Singing (SLS), Seth Riggs Technique, The Technique of Legends for over 15 years and continued training as an Advanced Certified Instructor of The Institute For Vocal Advancement (IVA)-the largest organization derived from the ashes of Speech Level Singing, SLS. All Sing Like The Starz instructors currently study with an extensively highly trained and skilled instructor (from the SLS days) on an on-going basis. Develop Your Beautiful Voice!

The Starz Technique seamlessly blends a singer’s various vocal registers [chest, middle and head] voices into one voice, without breaks and with better tone. By learning to “mix” all of your vocal registers into one voice, you will acquire mastery of this skill in ascending from the bottom and descending from the top of your voice and back again which makes singing easier, allowing for your style to be supported by solid technique.

No, applying the Technique to songs can be done right away. However, it is sometimes better to learn the Technique prior to singing songs and then apply the technique to songs, particularly when a student has vocal bad habits.

I will conduct an initial analysis to determine what your vocal habits are. Based on what I find determines where we will begin. I will work with each person’s individual tendencies and move along as quickly as possible. For beginners, those new to the technique, and those who need to correct unwanted habits and issues, I will introduce the Starz Technique in an easy and simple manner to acquaint you with your chest, middle and head voices and begin to blend all the vocal registers as one voice. This will establish the technique as a natural part of your vocal instrument’s process. Once this is established, we will work on strengthening, agility, balancing and vibrato to move you towards applying the technique into songs as quickly as possible.

To restate from above, I will conduct an initial analysis to determine what your vocal habits are. Based on what I find determines where we will begin. I work with each person’s tendencies to move him or her along as quickly as possible. However, for intermediate and advanced students who already have good habits, I will strengthen those (where necessary) and educate them (from an vocal technique perspective) on what they are doing that is good and why it is important to maintain what they already do naturally. I will build upon those good habits, correct any bad habits and strengthen their voices where necessary and move them into songs as quickly as possible. Or if they are performing or desire to sing right away, we will apply the technique to songs while continually working on balancing the voice through technique simultaneously.

Yes, every lesson is recorded, except the initial vocal consultation.

You will receive an audio file of each lesson to practice with. Daily practice is highly recommended, but at first, only once a day until the voice strengthens and achieves positive adjustment.

This process will take some singers longer than others. Much depends on what your natural tendencies are, how often you practice, how adaptable you are to accepting the Starz way of vocalizing, how well you are at feeling the Starz Technique working inside the body, your vocal instrument, how easily you allow it to become second nature, and the teacher’s ability to guide you there, by allowing you to experience the technique through cause and effect.

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